Published on: April 28, 2023

Check Engine Light For The Body Selected As Consumer Electronic Show Top Pick by Hemisphere Magazine

mia Vitals, a ground-breaking application that is capable of monitoring and tracking your key health vitals over time with just a smartphone has been handpicked by Hemisphere magazine as THE top pick from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show.

The revolutionary technology allows you to monitor multiple vitals like heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) and heart rate variability with a single scan of your face or your finger and makes it possible to share the information with care providers or family members. With the recent addition of a symptom checker and a family monitoring plan it is easy to see why it was selected from such an esteemed group of technology leaders.

From January 5th-8 th 2023, AI Nexus Healthcare, based in Champaign, Illinois, joined some of the globe’s most influential technology brands to exhibit its signature technology, mia, which utilizes hybrid and explainable AI to offer real time, actionable medical advice to its users by replicating the diagnostic approach of a clinician.

With highly experienced AI specialist and CEO, Faramarz Farhoodi at the helm, AI Nexus Healthcare welcomed visitors from all over the world to explore and engage with its technology — demonstrating not only how far the brand has come, but also the ground-breaking solutions it has to offer.

The Consumer Electronics Show is the most influential tech event in the world with over 3000 of the world’s biggest brands attending in 2023, showcasing their cutting-edge innovations, products and services.

In the company of global industry leaders such as Microsoft, Intel and Samsung, this marked an important milestone in the brand’s journey — marking its first global event and a significant step towards its ultimate goal of tackling wider healthcare issues. Commenting on the recent honor founder and CEO of AI Nexus Healthcare, Faramarz Farhoodi said “We are extremely proud to have been selected by Hemisphere from over 3000 CES exhibitors demonstrating the most cutting-edge technology from around the globe. We are humbled and excited by the overwhelming response from our peers, the health technology industry at large and the public as we move closer to achieving our mission of democratizing healthcare and making it more accessible to individuals regardless of economic status, geographic location, gender or race. We are very grateful to Hemisphere for sharing this great acknowledgement throughout the month of May, 2023 in their digital magazine as well as in front of 15.5 million United Airlines passengers domestically and internationally.”

For further information, please contact:
Kerri Macaulay
Chief Marketing Officer at AI Nexus Healthcare