Published on: February 19, 2023

From Illinois to India: Artificial Intelligence platform looks to make digital healthcare accessible to all following clinical trials in India

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  • A groundbreaking AI platform, based in Champaign, is seeking to make healthcare
    accessible to all – irrespective of ethnicity or socio-economic background
  • Clinical trials in India with ‘mia Vitals’ technology helped counteract skin pigmentation issues for oximeters and facial recognition – yielding 95% accuracy
  • App-based tech now set to be accessible throughout India having been developed in Illinois

An Illinois-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that offers actionable medical advice through biometric monitoring is looking to make digital healthcare accessible to all as it conducts cutting-edge clinical trials in India — highlighting the technology’s ability to supplement healthcare systems across the world.

AI Nexus Healthcare, based in Champaign, Illinois, has been exploring the capabilities of its offering through clinical trials in India in order to increase the accuracy of its output irrespective of ethnicity and skin pigmentation — whilst also reaching out to some of the country’s poorest communities including an urban slum in TC Palya, Bangalore.

Typically, those with a higher skin pigmentation are more likely to receive an inaccurate reading on traditional technology such as oximeters, however, with AI Nexus Healthcare’s fingertip scanning technology, it was able to yield a 95% test accuracy following two phases of testing SpO2.

As well as this, the face scanning function of the app now functions more accurately in low intensity lighting and is not impacted by traditional and religious symbols on people’s faces such as a bindi, tika or vibhuti.

Despite the wealth of learnings about its own product, mia Vitals, the main aim of the clinical trial for AI Nexus Healthcare was to demonstrate how technology can bridge the gap between developing communities and basic healthcare — painting a picture of how AI could shape the future of the healthcare industry.

Commenting on the recent work overseas, Faramarz Farhoodi, CEO of AI Nexus Healthcare, said: “Having the opportunity to take our product to the beautiful country of India was a real privilege and the trials there have taught us so much about creating a truly inclusive platform. Shockingly, more than 50% of the world’s population lacks access to essential healthcare services and although technology utilized in our healthcare systems is starting to facilitate remote engagement with patients, there’s still a huge issue with capacity globally. We see this as a positive step in the right direction, which has not only helped refine our technology, but also highlighted the need for global solutions — especially in developing countries.”

AI Nexus Healthcare’s signature mia software offers a comprehensive suite of applications designed to empower its users to take control of their health and to provide real-time decision support to healthcare professionals.

Faramarz continued: “During our time in India, we were overwhelmed by the reception of the technology and the rate at which people came forward to be tested. The doctors, health workers and NGO Volunteers we work with said it would enable them to reach isolated and deprived communities far easier and more frequently, which for us, embodies the stance on inclusivity and accessibility upon which our technology was designed.”

By taking insights from machine learning applied to vast amounts of data collected via scanning a fingertip or face using a smartphone and combining it with the input of dozens of medical experts across an array of health disciplines, mia is able to predict the likelihood of adverse health events even before symptoms are present.

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