Published on: January 24, 2023

Illinois-based AI specialist showcases pioneering healthtech solution on the global stage for the first time at this year’s CES event

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An Illinois-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) producer that offers actionable medical advice through biometric monitoring has showcased its pioneering tech solutions for the first time at CES 2023 — an industry event that’s widely recognised as the most influential in the world.


From January 5th-8th, AI Nexus Healthcare, based in Champaign, Illinois, joined some of the globe’s most influential technology brands to exhibit its signature technology, mia, which utilises hybrid and explainable AI to offer real time, actionable medical advice to its users by replicating the diagnostic approach of a clinician.


With highly experienced AI specialist and CEO, Faramarz Farhoodi at the helm, AI Nexus Healthcare welcomed visitors from all over the world to explore and engage with its technology — demonstrating not only how far the brand has come, but also the ground-breaking solutions it has to offer. 


In the company of industry leaders such as Microsoft, Intel and Samsung, this marked a significant milestone in the brand’s journey — marking its first global event and a significant step towards its ultimate goal of tackling wider healthcare issues.


Commenting on his recent attendance at CES 2023, Faramarz said: “It was a real honour to represent our brand on the global technology stage. Being in the company of so many industry giants highlighted not just how far technological innovation has come in recent years, but also how far we have come. As a start-up business in Illinois, we set out on our journey with the clear ambition of using our expertise for the betterment of all. In light of this, we have recently completed clinical trials in India to ensure our platform caters for people from all ethnic backgrounds and skin pigmentation — the success of which provided us with a real sense of pride and confidence in what we have to offer.”


Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, CTA, CES 2023 offered attendees the chance to experience new technologies from global brands, hear about the future of technology from thought leaders and collaborate face-to-face with other attendees. 


Faramarz continued: “As we find ourselves faced with the current trajectory of the healthcare industry, there is no doubting the increased necessity for technology solutions — something that was evident in conversations with other industry experts throughout the week. At AI Nexus Healthcare, we have created a platform that offers good health in the palm of your hand — which essentially replicates the diagnostic approach of a clinician. As much as we are passionate about our technology, attending CES this year elicited a real sense of togetherness and we were all in awe of the collective industry effort to shape a better future for all of us.”


By taking insights from machine learning applied to vast amounts of data collected via scanning a fingertip or face using a smartphone and combining it with the input of dozens of medical experts across an array of health disciplines, mia, AI Nexus Healthcare’s signature platform, is able to predict the likelihood of adverse health events even before symptoms are present.


This signature software offers a comprehensive suite of applications designed to empower its users to take control of their health and to provide real-time decision support to healthcare professionals.


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