Our Technology

Our proprietary cognitive AI is what puts mia in a class of its own.

By taking insights from Machine Learning (the data, facts and figures from monitoring devices) and combining it with the input of dozens of medical experts in dozens of health disciplines mia is able to predict the likelihood of adverse health events even before symptoms are present and provide real time recommendations to help prevent them.

mia wellness app

Good Health In The Palm Of Your Hand

mia is not just another wellness app. It is the only app that integrates and interprets multiple data points from different devices (vitals, lifestyle, preexisting medical conditions) and provides tailored actionable recommendations for each user, helping prevent illness all while protecting your privacy.

mia learns what is 'normal' for you and is on the look out for anything abnormal - 24/7.

mia is about prevention and early warning: like a personal health and wellness advisor mia helps prevent illness and also acts like a check engine light for the body when abnormal conditions arise.

mia helps you, help yourself and your loved ones stay healthy.

mia care

Smart Care For The Vulnerable

Welcome to a new standard of elderly care.
Backed by Artificial Intelligence and the expertise of a team of world-class medical doctors, mia care can help predict and support the prevention of adverse health events.
Using the mia technology miacare focuses specifically on helping keep the vulnerable healthier. From large scale care facilities to individual at home support, miacare helps reduce unnecessary adverse health events and their associated costs.