Published on: February 17, 2023

A meeting of minds: Healthcare AI specialists partner with leading home monitoring system to provide groundbreaking ‘smart’ health technology

An innovative healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) developer is seeking to support the elderly with groundbreaking ‘smart’ health technology as it partners with an industry leading home monitoring system.

The meeting of minds sees AI Nexus Healthcare, based in Champaign, Illinois, integrate its signature mia care platform with SensorCall’s CareAlert product — a home monitoring system that allows long-distance caregivers to stay aware of their aging seniors’ environments, activities, and overall well-being.

The partnership comes as the growing aging population in the US leads to an increased demand for comprehensive remote monitoring systems — with more people becoming a caregiver to an elderly parent and choosing between aging in place and assisted living.

Aging in place, when the individual is fit and well enough to do so, can help uphold independence and privacy, whilst also having lower costs, generally, than an assisted living or nursing facility. Technology solutions such as CareAlert and mia care are looking to assist families in this position and ensure round-the-clock peace of mind through leading technology support.

Through analyzing multiple sources of biometric and health data, mia care will give family members actionable, timely information, whilst using continual learning to understand and adapt to every individual’s unique wellness challenges. This will ultimately keep the elderly healthier and reduce costs associated with unnecessary adverse events.

Commenting on the recent partnership, Faramarz Farhoodi, CEO and founder of AI Nexus Healthcare, said: “We are delighted to be integrating our mia care platform with such a well established and effective home monitoring technology. In this increasingly digital age, the relationship between technology and care is improving by the day and we are confident this collaboration will serve to support families across the US with the process of healthy aging. At AI Nexus Healthcare, we have combined AI with the expertise of a team of world-class medical doctors, enabling our mia care product to help predict and support the prevention of adverse health events — which is set to offer another layer of reassurance to SensorCall’s current technology.”

We set our goal to develop a powerful fusion of sensors in CareAlert to collect meaningful information without cameras or wearables and a minimum number of sensor placement,” said Fereydoun Taslimi, Founder at Sensorscall, “then, we build a powerful edge-based ML inference engine to use data from various sensors to infer actions and alert caregivers on anomalies. We also added much-needed features such as voice calls that can be answered from anywhere within the audio range without relying on the loved ones’ phones; voice reminders that the caregivers can schedule in their voice for medication or other events. CareAlert will also act as a battery-powered emergency light during a power outage.

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