Published on: February 05, 2024

AI Nexus Healthcare President and Founder, Faramarz Farhoodi, Speaks in Davos on ‘Bridging the Healthcare Gender Gap’.

The Women Inspiring Network (WIN) recently announced its participation during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and invited Faramarz Farhoodi, President and Founder of AI Nexus Healthcare to join a discussion panel on “Women and AI: 2 Powerful Forces Changing the World”. The discussion was hosted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (Government of India), the Confederation of Indian Industry, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Farhoodi joined the panel with a dialogue on the role of AI in Bridging the Gender Gap and an exploration of how AI can foster more gender-inclusive workplaces. Farhoodi’s presence was more than fitting given his company’s mission to democratize healthcare making it more accessible to individuals regardless of economic status, geographic location, gender or race.

Farhoodi states, “It is critical that we develop and implement technologies and health solutions that cater to all segments of the population. When it comes to women’s health It is paramount to understand the key challenges, barriers and required solutions that apply specifically to women. Healthcare cannot take a one size fits all approach and this sentiment applies no greater than when discussing women’s health.”

AI Nexus Healthcare has been hard at work developing technology that has the ability to democratize healthcare making it more accessible, affordable and fully customizable regardless of gender (or race, another damaging bias in today’s world). This allows its female users to interact with the technology based on their specific needs and concerns without having to navigate some of the gender biases they face in healthcare systems globally today.

AI Nexus Healthcare’s signature platform ‘mia’ is a revolutionary technology that allows users to take control of their health and provide real-time decision support to health care professionals through a groundbreaking combination of machine learning pattern recognition with insights created by Cognitive Al that encapsulates the expertise of dozens of medical doctors.

Via a 60 second scan from their smartphone, anyone is capable of detecting early warning signs of the onset of numerous chronic diseases as well as life threatening conditions such as respiratory disorders, stroke and cardiac arrhythmia. mia provides timely actionable advice to help its users become aware of what they can do to mitigate the risks of developing chronic diseases and to seek preventative medical care before disease progression becomes acute.

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