Published on: February 05, 2024

AI Nexus Healthcare wins “Start-up Innovation Award” in Davos Switzerland, January 2024

Davos Innovation Week took place January 16-18, 2024 and it was filled with
discussions from world leaders on some of the globe’s most pressing challenges.
Faramarz Farhoodi, President and Founder of AI Nexus Healthcare was invited to join
the panel discussion on Sustainable Healthcare Systems: Balancing Quality,
Accessibiity, and Affordability. His rich expertise in this arena made for a riveting and
eye-opening discussion.

In addition to the panel, Mr. Farhoodi also presented a keynote speech on Unlocking
Human Potential through AI – Increasing Healthspan for All. This talk highlighted the
importance of AI in healthcare as we strive to increase healthspan (how long you live
well), while improving quality of life and reducing costs.

This may seem like a tall order, but Farhoodi and the team at AI Nexus Healthcare have
created an AI powered technology that does precisely this. How? By enabling
individuals to manage 5 key pillars of health to add years to their healthspan; sleep,
diet, exercise, lifestyle, mental health.

AI Nexus Healthcare’s signature platform, mia, is capable of detecting early warning
signs of the onset of numerous chronic diseases as well as life threatening conditions
such as respiratory disorders, stroke and cardiac arrhythmia. mia provides timely
actionable advice to help its users become aware of what they can do to mitigate the
risks of developing chronic diseases and to seek preventative medical care before
disease progression becomes acute – All via a 60 second scan from a smartphone.

AI Nexus Healthcare is on a mission to democratize healthcare making it more
accessible to individuals regardless of economic status, geographic location, gender or
race. Its revolutionary technology allows users to take control of their health and provide
real-time decision support to health care professionals through a groundbreaking
combination of machine learning pattern recognition with insights created by Cognitive
Al that encapsulates the expertise of dozens of medical doctors.

AI Nexus Healthcare continued to impress when they were announced as the event’s
winner of the “Start-up Innovation Award”. Further validating the revolutionary abilities
of AI in healthcare and more specifically of the mia platform itself.
Davos Innovation Week creates an open and inclusive platform that encourages
startups, technology experts, and individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate.
This event is presented by QuantumfAI and co-sponsored by Swiss Finance +
Technology Association (