Published on: January 05, 2024

Davos World Innovation Economics Forum 2024 Invites AI Nexus Healthcare Founder & President, Faramarz Farhoodi, As Keynote Speaker and Panel Presenter

[Champaign Illinois] AI Nexus Healthcare Founder & President, Faramarz Farhoodi has been invited to the World Innovation Economics (WIE) forum in Davos, Switzerland January 16-18 to deliver a keynote presentation and to sit on this year’s Horizons panel: Longevity and Healthcare Innovation. With Farhoodi’s extensive background in artificial intelligence spanning decades and his undivided attention in recent years on health and longevity he is a perfect fit for this year’s Davos WIE agenda, which includes a focus on longevity and healthcare innovation.

It should come as no surprise that AI Nexus Healthcare will play such a key role at Davos this year, given their signature technology, mia, has been making big waves in the health tech arena including being crowned the Top Pick at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2023 by Hemisphere Magazine, and more recently accepted into the Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate Program.

With just a simple face or finger scan on a smartphone camera the digital screening technology is capable of detecting early warning signs of the onset of numerous chronic diseases as well as life threatening conditions such as respiratory disorders, stroke and cardiac arrhythmia. The ground-breaking technology then provides timely actionable advice to help its users become aware of what they can do to mitigate the risks of developing chronic diseases and to seek preventative medical care before disease progression becomes acute. This allows users to take control of their health and provide real-time decision support to health care professionals improving health and longevity outcomes on a global scale.

In addition to their core focus on longevity, AI Nexus Healthcare is also fulfilling its mission to democratize healthcare making it more accessible to individuals regardless of economic status, geographic location, gender or race.

“It is an honor to be speaking at Davos this year and as a company we are excited to be linking arms with important global change makers like Davos WIE. We look forward to participating in the many critical discussions anticipated with a combined goal of implementing significant change for a brighter future.” Faramarz Farhoodi – Founder & President, AI Nexus Healthcare.

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